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  1. Eldridge Construction

    1.75'' hitch pin

    What the heck do you call the pin on a backhoe that stops the boom from moving side to side. I wanted to find a replacement for my 580K and I can't for the life of me find what case uses in the hole.
  2. Shahidsolangi49

    Case WX165 does not perform swing function at all

    Hi all! I am working on a machine from case (wx165). Machine has left to perform swing at all also sometimes other functions like boom, bucket and arm also do problems. I need electrical diagram and location of its solenoid valves . Anyone having knowledge please help me. Suggestions will be...
  3. D

    Case 580C Won’t Start Help

    Hello, Having a regular issue where I get a click of the starter and then no start on the Case 580C. Brand new battery with good voltage. After the single click I get no click of the starter when I try to turn the key, I have to disconnect the positive terminal then usually reconnect it and the...
  4. J

    Old Case 850 Blade Pin

    Hey everyone, new to the dozer world. Can someone point me in the right direction to where you can pick up a pin for the blade? Also looking to where to find the tapered pin that locks them in. Thanks In advance
  5. M

    Case 580B missing parts from main relief valve.

    Hi, First post here. I have a Case 580B and the main relief valve for the loader control is missing parts. I spoke with Case, and they said they no longer make those parts. My question is: Is it possible to add a remote to the loader control valve and if so, would it matter if the main relief...
  6. H

    JCB JS130 CAPS function for throttle reset - won't complete cycle

    Hello everyone, I've got a JCB JS130 excavator. Very similar to a case 9010B or linkbelt. Had some hydraulic pressure issues and decided to make sure I was getting full engine RPMs before I messed with the hydraulics too much. My local JCB dealer send me instructions on hot to reset the...
  7. D

    580 Super L Transmission won’t shift F or R

    Serial JJG0191450 First off, not much of a mechanic, so bear with me. I will probably have to look up how to do anything suggested. Problem presented as you needed to slightly rev the engine a hair for it to engage and would move fine then. Restarted unit a few times, no change, drove it back...
  8. D

    Lost Forward on Case 580C!

    Hey Guys, Lost forward on my Case 580C from stopped! (reverse works great) Did all the maintenance on my new to me Case 580C. (gear oil, engine oil, fuel, power shuttle, all filters,) When I changed the power shuttle fluid I noted some contamination with a 1/2 pint of grey hydraulic oil, some...
  9. D

    07 case cx160 slow bucket,stick,LH track help

    I’ve got an 07 case cx160, had the bucket cylinder rebuilt. Put it back on and now the bucket close the stick and the LH track are slow as molasses. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. FaktorII

    2016 Case excavator cx80c tracking problem

    I’ve got a problem that keeps showing up with my tracks. Machine won’t turn when both sticks engaged. Each side works fine by its self but as soon as I try to turn slow and engage second side tracks just almost stop. If I engage both tracks straight or back all the way it will track forward or...
  11. D

    Help Needed: Case 580C Won’t Crank

    Hello Friends, Was out running the Case 580C yesterday and after taking a break I got one click of the starter then no crank thereafter. Had good battery voltage and fuel. Noted the power wire circled in the attached picture to the starter has a break in the casing. After playing with the...
  12. D

    Help Needed Power Shuttle Leak Case 580C

    Hello Friends, Any idea what this is that’s leaking hydraulic fluid on the side of the power shuttle trans for Case 580C backhoe? Think it would need a new gasket or part replaced? Thank you!
  13. D

    Help Needed Purchasing Case 580C

    Hello Friends, Does this Case 580C engine sound normal? (video link below) Can't tell if the engine "ticking" sound is normal since I haven't been around these Case 207 engines and feel like I'm hearing a bit of a tick. This is a backhoe I'm considering purchasing from out of town and don't...
  14. C

    1968 case 530ck transmission locked up

    Hi I’m new to this forum and looking for some advice. I just bought this case backhoe yesterday it is a 1968 case 530 ck with the 4 cylinder gas motor. I was moving it around my yard today and all of a sudden it acts like the transmission is locked up.. I don’t believe it to be the brakes as...
  15. L

    Case 1835C won't start with ether

    I have an older Case 1835C that doesn't like starting. On a regular basis for starting it I need to spray ether into the air intake and have a battery jumper on it to help it spin fast enough. This skid steer had been sitting for many years before my brother got it cleaned up and gotten it...
  16. M

    What is the make of your backhoe

    If you own more than one pick the one you use the most.
  17. K

    Antique Case Hydraulic Pump Upgrade

    Hello everyone, Looking for those who are more experience with this sort of thing than I am. My 1963 Case 530 Loader/Backhoe just pushed the seal out of the hydraulic pump: typically a strong indication of a worn out pump as I understand it. Can anybody verify that? Now of course this pump was...
  18. T

    2012 Case 580SN WT Starting Issues

    I'm trying to troubleshoot what is going on with a 2012 580SN WT, it is having a rough time starting. Recently changed the fuel filter and I've been advised to check the injector lines for a possible air lock. I am looking for the service manual if anyone happens to have one or have any advice...
  19. A

    Case sv216 roller no start issue

    Got a case sv216 roller with common rail cummins engines, crank no start issue, what should I check for?
  20. A

    Case cx350b excavator monitor issues

    Hey need some help with a case cx350b excavator, monitor powers up but shows no information, has active code for CAN communications fault, throttle doesn't work, no hydraulic functions work, does not shut off from the key. Checked all the normal stuff fuses, monitor connector, switched monitor...