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  1. M

    Kubota KX80-4 Thumb cylinder drops

    Aloha and thanks for checking this post out. I hope that someone will be able to give me a good lead to fix my hydraulic issue. I was operating my 2018 machine yesterday and all of a sudden the thumb fell down while I was using the bucket. It didn't slam down, but gradually fell making the...
  2. R

    Bleed Hydraulics 257b3 Caterpillar

    Just recently did work on my skid steer and lost a lot of hydraulic fluid. Can someone point me in the right direction to bleeding the lines? I filled reservoir with hydraulic fluid already. Cat 257b3
  3. T

    210LE - hydraulic leak / e brake issues

    I am new to tractor ownership so forgive me if these are stupid questions. I’ve had this hydraulic leak for what looks to be a valve for the front bucket. I took photos to the dealership and they just recommend o rings. The issue is I can’t seem to get the valve part off. Is there a trick...
  4. D

    Kawasaki pump regulator installation

    Hello I have a daewoo excavator with Kawasaki dual pumps, I need to replace seals where the face of the regulator meets the pump, Service manual says to unbolt regulator and install in reverse process, picture shows the lever coming out the end. When I pull the regulator off, do I need to align...
  5. T

    Jcb 260 bucket tilt cylinder broken rod

    Hey everyone after looking and looking I am not able to find any part numbers or anything. I have 2013 jcb 260 skid steer. The bucket tilt cylinder has a broken rod. I have a guy who can possibly build me a new one. Just wondering if I can buy a new or used cylinder. He is a few weeks out...
  6. T

    48 VDC hydraulic system. Looking for parts source

    Hello all, I am searching for a source for 48VDC 15W coils for a hydraulic stem valve. The coils on the machine are Sterling Hydraulics but I guess they've gone out of business. I think the bore is 13MM and the shaft length is about 40MM. I can order valves from a parts supplier, but I only need...
  7. Bad billy

    Ex75ur final drive problems

    Blew my cone seal on my final drive .Is there an inline filter on the return lines?put another drive in and the same thing happened after 30 minutes ,so I have problem of the drive not releasing the pressure.Has any one have any input?Need to find hydraulic schematics on the Hitachi ex75ur ?Any...
  8. J

    mile marker hydraulic winch disassembly help

    Hey all, so I have some internal damage in the gearbox of my mile marker 12000 lb hydraulic winch. I'm trying to get the thing apart but not having much luck with it. They sent me a parts stackup, attached below. I've tried whacking the drum off with a deadblow, and using a gear puller, to no...
  9. D

    Help with E120b Cat auxiliary hydraulic line setup

    I recently purchased an e120b caterpillar excavator I would like to get a hydraulic thumb but I have no auxiliary hook ups so I was wondering if someone can help me out
  10. C

    PC35 Hydro safety valve

    Morning all, looking at the drawings of this machine it looks like it is called the safety valve. There is pretty much no info I have been able to find. Whenever I type something in I get a main pressure relief valve which is not the same thing from my understanding. I am curious what this valve...
  11. JeffMiniSkid

    Vermeer S650TX, options for drive motor replacement

    Hi group, I am new to this forum so I apologize if this is in the wrong location etc. The hydraulic drive motor for the track is out on one side and the quote for replacement I'm getting from Vermeer just isn't doable (around $4500). I'm curious if anyone has done a similar job and what my...
  12. S

    Rc-240 LE slow all functions

    Just wonder any Volvo guys in here I have a Ec-240 LC serial number is ec240lcc03863 all functions are slow. I check pressure at both pumps I got 3700 psi when running functions. I check servo side and had 2200 psi at high idle. I also have a pulsating going on with joy stick when functions...
  13. A

    t595 loosing and regaining hydraulic function

    Hello, I have a 2016 t595 that I purchased to use around the farm. It was recently serviced by bobcat and has been running great. A few days ago, I topped off the hydraulic oil, just under the red line. I went to use it today, engine starts just fine, I press the green button, turn the throttle...
  14. S

    Cat 924H 3rd Valve

    Hello! I recently purchased a 2009 cat 924h. When bought, the 3rd valve hydraulic lines were capped off on the boom (I am assuming they were never used). I bought the lines and tubes to route the 3rd valve lines from the boom through the quick attach. I hooked up my Kage hydraulic angle plow to...
  15. Ace Al

    Terex PT 110 Hydraulic not working properly

    I have a 2015 Terex PT110 forester with about 3 thousand hours on it. Once in operation for an hour or two, the hydronic system stops working. Cannot move the arms up or down, also unable to go forward or reverse the machine. Nothing happens when moving the joystick; no winding down of engine...
  16. 1775

    TS14G Steers only one way

    Hello all, I have a ts14g that only steers one way all of the sudden. All the hydraulic components have been rebuilt - pump, flow reversing valve, double relief valve, and steering valve. We have had the hydraulic pump rebuilt 3 times in the last 2 years. I'm at a complete loss as to what to...
  17. W

    Grove amz50 HELP!

    I recently purchased a property that came with a grove amz50. The lift appears to be in good shape 2500hrs on the meter. It fired right up but I have no controls. Throttle responds to control inputs but no movement anywhere. When I came to the machine the hydro was drained. I added new fluid...
  18. H

    How to Determine Spool Orientation in Hydraulic Valve (Rebuilding Main Control Valve)

    I'm rebuilding the main control valve in my Cat 304CR (NAD00987) and I'm having trouble determining which way to install the spools. Some of the spools look like they're the same on each end -- others are clearly meant to be installed in a particular orientation. All of the spools have a...
  19. S

    Help! Case 70xt Auto-level/electrical issues.

    I just purchased an 04 Case 70xt for a very good price in seemingly really good condition! It does have a few of issues, one of which is very frustrating: it is stuck in self level mode. When raising the arms it auto levels. When lowering it holds the position you left it in until you're...
  20. N

    Anyone buy hydraulic seals from All States?

    Their pricing is really good for the seals to fit my case 580C. Just wondering if anyone else has used them. How's the quality?