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  1. CRAFT

    Portable Sawmills

    Welcome to the HEF Forum !!! ……. A lot of the Blade diving had to do with the set in your Band Blades …. the 2 guild rollers have a bit to do with it and is easy to check and correct IF they are out of whack …… What Band Blades were you purchasing ??? …. and what type …. Eg : Pitch … Blade...
  2. CRAFT

    A300 drive issues

    Is the problem in both SS mode as well as in AWS mode ???
  3. CRAFT

    a300 aux hydraulics stuck on

    Welcome to HEF chavezequip ……. Depending on your model year but not knowing which machine series you might make it harder to make suggestions …. Mine is an '07 K series ….. and it is a fully factory loaded machine c/w High-flow aux hyd's …….. On the main Valve body (where all of the spools are...
  4. CRAFT

    Philippine Mars Launching in Time Lapse July 11,2016

    ANOTHER Awesome Video !!! …… Going to be a Sad Day when She leaves her Home on the Island for the last Time !!!! …. Doug A. is my Neighbour and has told me Many Many stories of "Bird Dogging" the Big Birds …. seen the video they took when they had to Temp put Both Mars planes down on Green Lake...
  5. CRAFT

    Bobcat pivot bushings

    I did mine on my A-300 as well a couple yrs ago (after 4000hrs) and it's no big Deal to change them on the Bobtach …. if I remember correctly I did them right on the machine using a Socket that matched the bore size, and drove them old ones out and then Tapped in the new ones but making sure...
  6. CRAFT

    S175 skid steer throttle lever

    Check to see if the friction Nut is loose …. snug it up more for more Hold ...
  7. CRAFT

    Track walked off today

    Normally You never have to take the Bolt all the way out ….. Usually just back it out a few turns and the passage will find its self to bleed off …..
  8. CRAFT

    Portable Sawmills

    Nope !!! … Unfortunately Shane had some issues after he moved the company out off of Sumas Way Abby ….. I talked to Mike a couple of years ago "HE IS Enjoying Retirement" ….. Cheers to you and Welcome to HEF !!!
  9. CRAFT

    Bobcat A300 fuel pickup

    So This is way to weird that you are describing the the EXACT same issue that I was fighting for over a year in my machine …. And I DO Mean EXACTLY !!! ….. LOL The plug in the bottom is threaded in …. Careful it's a Plastic Tank so try and be careful NOT to strip the threads !!! …… But that...
  10. CRAFT

    I need help with taking the tilt rams off s205

    Were both bent or just the one ??? ….. You can't bend the rams ever going forward … but there is a remote chance to bend going backwards with the rams fully extended, even then as we do this all the time especially in the winter using the tooth bucket to cut ice build up down and hitting a...
  11. CRAFT

    I need help with taking the tilt rams off s205

    You mean Like This kind of Debris ??? …… LOL
  12. CRAFT

    I need help with taking the tilt rams off s205

    At $137.50 for the end cap … that sounds extremely Cheap to Me !!! …. the $1100 tag for the complete cyl sounds typical BS of Bcat parts, even for your part of N.America …. MY Big Question to You Is …. How did the Rams get bent in the first place …. I've done some Pretty mean things to my...
  13. CRAFT

    Bobcat Forestry door

    This is True Todd v. ….. my original door had the plastic hinges as well ….. it wasn't until I hung the Heavy forestry door on those hinges that I found out they were plastic …. CRASH …. there was the door on the ground …. my kit came with these metal HD hinges never gave it another thought...
  14. CRAFT

    Electrical issues Using a Bobcat 6 way dozer blade on a Takeuchi TL150

    Thanks for Keeping everyone Informed Rob !!! ………...:drinkup
  15. CRAFT

    Bobcat Forestry door

    Sometimes there is NO Tell Tale of damage if the Boom came up and hit the bottom of those doors ….. they have that rubber sealing door gasket that surrounds the Door and if the boom came up and made just a slight contact there will be No sign of it …. it's not like there are rough edges on the...