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Recent content by tootalltimmy

  1. tootalltimmy

    One worker, one safety official

    I was working for an excavation company as an operator/laborer. Small job was to dig out gravel from a large recreation center pool construction. They had miscalculated the final grade on the deep end of the pool.. We had to lower the grade by 6 inches. Everything was framed in and no way to use...
  2. tootalltimmy

    Mini Ex Vs Biger Ex

    Are you able to do repairs yourself? Are replacement parts available? You could easily have a $9000 boat anchor if something breaks. Those stumps in clay will be a workout for sure.
  3. tootalltimmy

    Trying to find last post about d7's but can't

    Easiest way is to click on your name MattR. Dropdown will have choices, one is to view Forum Posts. You will see your previous post and answers there.
  4. tootalltimmy

    Digging over finals

    Well said. If you are digging and then loading a truck directly behind you (180 degrees) it is hard to say where you want the finals. Depends a lot on the circumstances I suppose?
  5. tootalltimmy

    some link belt action

    Nice pictures C D. Steal a truck, steal a Bobcat and help yourself to an ATM!
  6. tootalltimmy

    Kx41-3 Starting Issue

    Emergency stop switch?
  7. tootalltimmy

    valve near hydrolic filler cap

    I would say that a hose is cheap insurance. Keep dirt away.
  8. tootalltimmy

    valve near hydrolic filler cap

    Here is another view of the picture.
  9. tootalltimmy

    Dual slope laser recommendations

    What is a 110% grade? I can't picture it?
  10. tootalltimmy

    Trading Up

    Looks good. I have a 88 3/4 ton with the 7.3 non turbo. Can't go wrong for $1500.
  11. tootalltimmy

    Excavator playtime

    Back to the vineyard The tree mulch pile I spread was too much for the narrow vineyard tractor to drive on. Too thick in places and it wasn't safe to drive over. I scraped and loaded over 50,000kg and hauled away in 7 dump truck loads. It rained a lot so it was heavy and well packed down in...
  12. tootalltimmy

    Would You Haul it ??

    Looks good to me. Don't forget to wrap and tie the loose chains at the back.
  13. tootalltimmy

    Excavator playtime

    Everything went smoothly. Didn't get lost, scales were closed, truck ran good, had a bucket of gravel in the box to help with the ride. I am not a long distance trucker. I easily could have made a two day trip out of it!
  14. tootalltimmy

    Excavator playtime

    Road trip with backhoe A friend sold his Case 580K and he asked if I was interested in hauling it for the new owner. The buyer lived in 100 Mile House about 500+ miles round trip from me. Loaded it up one morning and the got up early Saturday and delivered it by noon and home again. It is a...
  15. tootalltimmy

    Some random pics

    What is the material that is on the road in your last picture? Looks like a very nice way to finish it off. Good job. I was wondering where everyone had gotten to. Showtime has been quiet!