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Todays tip: how NOT to move equipment


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Oct 2, 2018
pueblo co
Retired Heavy Haul Company owner
Nah. Just pull the Johnny bar back into your lap 'till the wagon she's a smokin' like a shot down fighter plane. Saves the truck brakes that way.
Did that going west on I70 coming off Vail Pass jakes failed bad idea still didn't get it shut down for another 20 miles was grossing 135,000 lbs. Hard to stop to begin with. At least I was blessed with little traffic and no major curves! The last tractor and trailer I speced out and purchased before I retired had disc brakes. They cost an additional 20 grand per axle, 4 axle tractor 2 axle trailer with 2 axle booster, that 160 thou extra but well worth it if you run the high country. They never give up nomatter what you do.
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