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Reynolds Ejector not straight


Senior Member
Apr 21, 2007
I have a 17E 10.5 also.
It works but was scuffing the sides, kept trying to figure it out as it got worse.
I think the reason it got worse was the gland on left side has a very small drip, possibly letting in air. It was slowly getting worse it seemed.
There is a short steel line on each ejector cylinder next to the front end. I think these are to aid in bleeding out the system. Since the cylinders are higher in the rear with the scraper setting flat they don't bleed out air like that.
So in the mornings we back the scraper off a slope and lower the rear end. If the scraper is in load position with ejector back, activate hydraulics to shove ejector back. Those little steel lines let oil and air bypass back to the tractor. Hold that half a minute or so, then dump cycle and hold that a half minute or so after it bottoms out. Repeat a couple times.
While I still get just a little rub, it's way better.