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Looking for input on a small portable crusher plant


Feb 12, 2015
United States
Like jaclo, I'm jumping in on this thread because I don't see anywhere else to go with it. I'm looking at adding a portable concrete crusher to an excavation business.....50 ton machine or smaller. Anyone have a ballpark number on annual maintenance for a crusher like this? Also, any recommendations on type of crusher or model? Thanks.

Some kind of impact crusher is best for concrete if you're wanting to make it very small. If 3" is small enough a jaw will work. To make 2" or smaller its going to need a screen and then closed circuit it. Something like the Sandvik pictured above works real good. Figure about $.50 per ton for wear parts for an impactor for rock, it would be less for concrete which is softer.


Active Member
Jan 12, 2020
I have been very happy with the Rebel jaw crusher that we operate. It is made and sold by RR equipment. I mostly crush concrete and asphalt but I believe it says it is rated to take 10” minus natural rock. I can expect to get about 50-100 screened tons per hour at a 2.5”-3” closed side setting on the jaw in concrete