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Almost ended up in a multi car truck sandwich

Discussion in 'Safety Issues' started by skyking1, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. skyking1

    skyking1 Senior Member

    Nov 3, 2020
    I've been driving the SR167 north most mornings with pea gravel for a job in Des Moines. That is the usual heavy traffic slow grind but no issues ( knock on wood ).
    Today I had an appointment on the way home, and ended up in heavy stop and go on the way home late.
    I had been running near and ahead of a 53' dry goods van all the way down the valley. He knew what the end of my truck looked like. Things loosened up and I got away from him aways, apparently too far. The traffic cuts loose as people exit to SR410 and then bogs bad at the 167/512 merge. I saw it coming and braked down slowly and not harsh like an idiot, but this guy must have been in his phone. A couple of cars squeezed in ahead of him, but he was way beyond that. He could not stop and barely avoided the two behind me on the shoulder, and he got it stopped about 50' beyond me on the shoulder. I just stopped and flashed him back in.
    That would have been an evil mess. I'd like to blame the cars but he was a knucklehead. Without the cars he would have knocked the crap out of me in the lane.
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  2. John C.

    John C. Senior Member

    Jun 11, 2007
    Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
    It's kind of easy for your mind to wonder on those sections of highways, especially in the stop and walk, stop and walk, stop and then run and then STOP that gets set up there. Doesn't make him any less a knuckle head but does make you very lucky he was good enough to avoid making things very bad.
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