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    Probe test light with digital meter

    Don't see it for sale yet but there is a nice YouTube video
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    Help estimating pool demo

    I did a pool similar to that years ago, the walls were attached to steel c-channel, used a gas powered cut-off saw. Cut everything into manageable pieces and hauled it out by hand. In the towns I work, usually we need to have a permit so that the pool is taken off the homeowners tax assessment.
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    Your opinions of Hyundai excavators

    I don't have any complaints with my older 210lc-3, it's been reliable and the controls work fine. I do have a problem with it is lack of dealer support, in my area.
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    First purchase

    I like the idea of renting but if you aren't going to be moving it much, you could consider a 200 series or over width machine. In my area they are about the same price and often in better shape then the smaller machines.
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    Heavy loads out a hole

    I have the stumps flush cut then once they're free, I flip them over to break off any roots I can, then scratch all of the dirt off. Once it's as light as possible with a proper ramp I either try to pull on one side then the other to walk it out or sometimes spin it out. You may also try a chain...
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    Question to basement diggers

    In normal digging conditions, for that size excavation, a 160 is going to be better you may even consider something a little smaller with a blade on it.
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    Backhoe preference? New Holland LB115 or JCB 214 S Series

    We have a lb115 at work, works great for us, no real problems with it. In my area dealer support is not the greatest so parts can be slow.
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    how to dig a Basement ?????

    All good advise, the only thing I'd add is I always make sure I have a bench mark for the footing elevation in place before excavation and keep it intact and accessible after excavation, for when the customer questions why I dug so deep or not deep enough. I also try to leave two off-set stakes...
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    Special Battery For A Backhoe

    Try looking for a dedicated battery shop in your area, I just replaced the batteries in my lb115, they cost 125.00 each and they are identical to the New Hollands I took out.
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    Takeuchi Parts??

    I can recommend Al Preston's, great guys.
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    This years Christmass Tractor

    I know what you mean about the lack of working class people around here, it sucks, there business name is RJ Davis
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    This years Christmass Tractor

    I used to work in Wilton a lot, now I'm in Westport working for a builder, my family has a excavating business in Wilton. Small world...I was in Bethel for thanksgiving.
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    This years Christmass Tractor

    I just noticed you're in CT, what part of the state? I'm in Norwalk, lower Fairfield county.
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    This years Christmass Tractor

    Yes I do like it, nice job!
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    Varmints bothering my equipment

    Can't use it everywhere but I've been having some success with spraying thinned down engine oil on some of my stuff that sits for about 3 or 4 months.