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Recent content by D6c10K

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    D6c cat

    Might be an internal leak in the tilt cylinder or could possibly be a leaking tilt cylinder valve.
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    Excavator bucket

    I'd like to replace the bucket on my SK135. It's got a 40", 1 yard bucket which is pretty oversized for the machine. I think a 30" would be as big as I would put on it. Is there a chance of finding a good used bucket or am I looking at new only? For new buckets, what's a good source that's...
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    Bucket for Kobelco SK135

    Thanks for the info. The bucket pin dimensions closely match the info I found from the Rhinox website.
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    Bucket for Kobelco SK135

    I don't have a quick coupler on this machine.
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    Bucket for Kobelco SK135

    Since the current bucket isn't original I don't know if it's got the correct pin spacing. It measures 420 mm and I found one bucket manufacturer that lists one for my machine and they are using 385 mm spacing. Not sure how much affect that difference might have.
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    Bucket for Kobelco SK135

    I have a new-to-me SK135SRLC-1E that I'm checking over and fixing all the little things that get ignored. One of the not so little things is the bucket pins & bushings, that have about 1/4" of slack. I've got those parts on order. Some of this wear is no doubt due to the oversize bucket on the...
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    Bucket for Kobelco SK135SRLC

    ignore....wrong forum
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    Swing Gear Lube for Kobelco SK135SRLC-1E

    How do I access the swing gear check it and grease it up? Just dropped the belly pan and pulled the drain hole cover.....Got about 2 gal of water out of the main frame. Now I need to check that everything's ok and grease it up. Hate working on a machine without manuals but I'm having trouble...
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    Hope this isn't the start of a long project...

    I've run a dozer a fair amount but am new to excavators. I just bought an '07 Kobelco SK135SR LC-1E to use as a farm machine. It's not in too bad of shape for about 6500 hrs. The chains are new and the previous owner supposedly replaced the final drives (or repaired them...not sure) Seems to...
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    Case/Link-Belt track chains

    I don't know if it's the brand of track chains that case & link-belt excavators use, but lots of the ones I see for sale have several stuck track pins. I don't seem to seen that with other manufacturers. Is that a thing with Case/Link-Belt?
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    Excavator stick length

    I've been looking for a 130-160 size excavator. Some have 10' stick and some approx. 8 1/2' stick. Does it make much difference? Why would you choose one over the other? I can see if it has a quick coupler that would change the stick length a little bit and the lifting capacities are a little...
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    Link-Belt 130x3 engine blow-by

    I can see the rockers spitting oil out a little on the top of the valve cover but this was a lot more than that. It was spitting all over the top deck of the machine, on my glasses, face and hat. Putting your hand above the oil fill hole it didn't just spatter your hand, in a couple of seconds...
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    Link-Belt 130x3 engine blow-by

    Looking at a Link-Belt 130x3 with an Isuzu engine that has around 7500 hrs. (Isuzu AM-4JJ1X engine) Seems to run good but I pulled the fill cap off the valve cover with the engine warmed up and idling. Good thing I had some shop rags because in about 2 seconds my hand, face, and glasses were...
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    Link-Belt 130 x3 Aux Hyd.- How to tell what it has?

    I'm looking at a Link-Belt 130 x3 that the seller says has Aux. hydraulics but doesn't currently have the lines on the boom & stick. I would like to put a hyd. thumb on it but want to make sure it's got two-way hydraulics to operate it. I called the Link-Belt dealer but I'm told that unless that...
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    Aux. Hydraulics on Cat 315BL

    I contacted Cat with the s/n and found that it came without aux. hydraulics from the factory so it's been added later. In the service records there were notes that they were wanting to add a hydraulic hammer so that's probably why it has 1-way hydraulics. I'm not familiar with HKX but will...