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Recent content by Coondog

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    some work pictures

    Tom, I know you said you like to have the customer source the parts most of the time, but in the event that they don't how do you or those in your line of business work that out. I was wondering if you just use a cash account at sway the cat store or jd store or if you have an actual account...
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    socket set holders

    There's a company called mechanic time savers, they make some neat things for these applications. There are some socket trays that have plastic sticks poking up, that seem pretty easily breakable, but they actually pretty damn tough. I have been building mine out of steel also so i can stick...
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    tricks of the trade

    This might be a tad off key to what you all are discussing, but I have not seen any real pattern here, just tricks, so here's one for mechanic work. I owe the credit to a wise guy, he showed me this and it has saved me a lot of hassle from time to time. Get a vacuum box for air conditioner...
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    my 450E Dozer just started slowing down. Engine rpm drop

    Steve, one time we had 773f haul truck that was slowing and losing power. I went about checking pressures as the book says to and all came out good. It would idle fine but as soon as you tried to GO, it would stumble and die. I looked and looked and looked, for about a day and a half. I was...
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    Replacement Jaw Plates

    I have been using rimtec plates in my jaws. They are keeping them in stock for on my sight. When I use one, I let them know and they charge me. Try RimTec Castings Eastern. Ask for Larry.
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    Brief introduction of Jaw Crusher

    Not trying to stomp on you here, but you have not truthfully introduced jaw Crushers. They are not low noise, they do not crush material evenly, they create a lot of dust, they have only a few parts to maintain and those are not easy to get to, and I have not found a successful use in the...
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    Stump jumper, yeah we drill and blast, it as no real effect on the rock flowers. I'm just kidding, we have changed hole patterns many times With no real difference except in the larger sizes. Easiest we have hit it was 4" holes on a 9x9 using .75 powde factor to 6-1/2" holes on a 15x11 with a...
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    The marking is engrained in the stone, but only maybe a quarter inch deep at most. I have taken hammer and chisel to it to see how much it takes to knock it off. It is quite resilient. It will not wash off. I have one that has been watered everyday for a period of time and marking is still...
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    this is my first time to attach a photo. hope it works. this is naturally occurring, like I said above, a dendrite or dendritic crystal. has nothing to do with a plant at all, something about water that is high in iron seeping into cracks in a formation that is high in silica.
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    Oxbow, any discussion may lead to a theory regardless of knowledge. I have noticed that sometimes poeple who do not know anything about what is being discussed can ask the simplest of questions and solve a problem. I think those of us that think we know what we are talking about can be so...
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    Cm1995, did you get your pickup truck running again? If I recall you got t-boned or ass-holed by a little car. Oxbow, I can almost assure you that what you are calling rhyolite, and what I am calling rhyolite, are two different formations with differing characteristics. The rock I am dealing...
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    Cm1995, Mitch has it right. F and e stands for flat and elongated, meaning the rock is being crushed in more of a rectangular fashion rather than cubical or more square. The ratio has to do with the length versus the width. There is a tool we use to measure this. Basically a 5:1 ration means...
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    F & E- how to best solve it

    Hello, I have a question, might should be in the mining and aggregates forum, but does not only apply to mining and I wanted to get the best chance for everybody to see it. I have been studying some material and test running some different areas of a pit. The material is...
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    Cat 348-5430 multi-tool

    What all does this do? I have been using cat ET for a long time now. I know this multi tool probably does multiple things, but does it take the place of cat ET? Or is it just used for measuring voltages and pressures or what? I might have to call up and get one.
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    Lets see your "ultimate" service truck!

    Bobthewelder, when an articulation job on a large wheel loader comes up, like an 88 or 92, or a boom on a 385, do you retain the responsibility of dis assembly and re assembly, or is that done before you get there and finished after you leave? We actually had the top bearing break one day on...