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Terex TA 27

Discussion in 'Other Earthmoving Equipment' started by GODSDOZER, May 15, 2019.


    GODSDOZER Active Member

    Jan 7, 2011
    Dirt Contractor
    East Texas
    I bought a used Terex last fall. serial # A8051105 . Spent about $12K total replacing brake system valves/parts and a few other items over the winter.

    I also purchased the AEB starter and calibrated the ZF transmission with it. It went through all the calibrations and passed.

    I am now trying to work through a couple of errors codes that seem to be active.

    The error codes are as follows, error code #1...…. A2 , and error code #2...….... 39

    According to my manual,

    A2 error code says...………..no converter lockup clutch, difflock, retarder. electrical problem on peripheral solenoids . check cables to converter lockup clutch, difflock, retarder.

    39 error codes says...……...substitute mode (controlled pressure ramps, converter lockup clutch disengages during gear shifts) electrical problem on speed sensors, check cables and settings of sensors.

    I have a (new) Terex dealer 45 minutes away ……………….today I went to talk to them about getting a service truck to come out and diagnose, but since they are a relatively new Terex dealer, they said since my machine was a older model, they didn't have the diagnostic software to service a TA27.

    Lastly, TA27 has a instrument panel for WARNING LIGHTS upon starting the vehicle. Immeditaley upon starting machine, warning light #9 comes on and stays on. It is a Transmission Stop Warning light. according to the manual , the light comes on and stays on if 1...….………….High transmission sump temperature 2...………………………...Engine overspeed.

    I do not understand why either of these two issues would happen when the engine / transmission is cold.

    Just looking for some detailed advice on where to go from here to diagnose and fix the issues. Thanks for your help.
  2. Bigbert

    Bigbert Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2016
    Hello Godsdozer,
    which type of transmission is fitted? ZF 6WG 210 or 6WG 260?
    But anyway, the electronic box is basically the same. EST37A.
    Fault 39 means some issues with intermediate gear train speed sensor. Check connector, cable, sensor itself.
    Sensor on 6WG 210 is on top of housing, on 6WG 260 somewhere at right side of housing (seen from engine).
    A2 is a fault indicating some electrical issues on difflock solenoid.
    This should be installed at t/m output towards front axle. (Both, WG210 and 260) Check connector, cable, solenoid.
    High t/m temp: No clue yet. Assume a wiring issue. Is recorded in hydraulic block itself.
    Overspeed engine: Guess, cable engine speed sensor (on converter housing) mixed up with turbine speed sensor or intermediate speed sensor.
    Good luck.
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