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Snowco trailer...

Discussion in 'Trailers' started by DIYDAVE, Nov 25, 2019.


    DIYDAVE Senior Member

    Feb 18, 2007
    Was at an auction, a coupla weeks ago, talkin to the owner's son, made him an offer, on a 1992 Snowco trailer. I had one of the round nosed tiltbeds, years ago, when we first bought a Gravely rider. Damned handy, it was, too. Ended up sellin it about 15 years ago. I know Snowco built them for many lawnmower sellers, including IH, AC, Wheel Horse, and possibly others. Anyway, was looking on information, on them, on the innernut, but can't seem to find much on 'em. Anybody have any info on the snowco trailers, later called Snow trailers?