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Old Hy-Hoe

Discussion in 'Old Iron!' started by Dan83, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Ilio

    Ilio Member

    Sep 30, 2010
    Perth Ont. Canada
    Do you have cables or straight linkage going to the spool? I've resolved some sticking issues, that give the illusion of a detent, by servicing these. Also, be it pedal control or lever, there are the bushings on the shaft below the cab floor, including lack of grease. A bur in the mating pieces of metal cam cause sticking. It's unlikely that it would be the plunger, or the spool, but possible. The bore is always full of oil & supported along its entire length. Haven't had mine apart for a while, but there is only one 'O' ring & a wiper at each end of the plunger in the spool body.
    I would also take the cap off at the rear & check the condition of the spring.
    There is an actual 'detent' on the back of the spool, that keeps (returns) the plunger to the 'not engaged/neutral' position, once you release the control lever from the back or forward position. You could have a 'sticking feeling' there, that makes you have to push or pull to overcome it. There are a few ball bearings in there also. This is the only place & the most common place, other than the ones I mentioned, that could cause the plunger to stick.
    If a parts breakdown picture from the parts book would help you I could post that.
    If there is damage there & you can't source the part, I may have one, but I'd check those things first.
  2. hammerdwn20

    hammerdwn20 Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2008
    guess it dont look too good inside? not rebuildable?
  3. knckitdwn

    knckitdwn Member

    Jun 23, 2019
    central illinois
    It has both types of linkages cable and solid rod. I went ahead and pulled the whole valve out. A hose came internally and a bit of wire baked itself up at the valve. I tried doing it in the machine but I made it worse driving the valve out. I took it to a friend who does hydraulics and he polished the high spot or of the valve. So I will be reinstalling it later this week. Hopefully it does not leak to much but we will see.

    I was able to talk to a husco engineer and he sent me the print on the spool if anyone ever needs one made. That may be a winter project if this does not work out well.