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Got one for you Cummins 855 experts!

Discussion in 'Trucks' started by CJLennon, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. CJLennon

    CJLennon Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2009
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Hey Folks, as always, thanks so much for making me look smart with the boss. Here's the story. I have a Cummins 855 NTA-370 (engine # 10417020) that I talked about in a previous post last year that had a serious smoking problem. (Yeah, I know. . . ). See we (foolishly) did a bunch of things to get it to stop smoking and when we finally completed our efforts, it stopped smoking BUT it also stopped pulling. We put everything back to how it was when it smoked in an effort to get the pulling back except for one thing - injectors. We had replaced the injectors (original part # AR40430) with new injectors (3054246) and this was the only thing that was not put back to its original state when it smoked and pulled. So I get on the phone with ProDiesel to see if we can get an original set and they say that the AR40430 injector has been discontinued and is replaced with the 3054250 injector BUT you have to replace the rocker arms and push rods. They also did a reverse look up with the number of the injector that was in the engine when the pulling stopped and they said that the 3054246 injector is for the NTC-350 engine and not the NTA-370 engine. So this is my situation. Now that I have shared my tale of woah with you, my questions are:

    1.) Does this make sense or are the guys at ProDiesel just having fun with me?

    2.) Would an NTC-350 injector make an NTA-370 engine run at (say) 60 - 75% of it's original power?

    3.) Have you ever heard of this rocker arm change over thing????????

    As always, thanks to all!!!