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Genie Z30HD DC

Discussion in 'Other Construction/Demolition Equipment' started by ORBandit, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. ORBandit

    ORBandit New Member

    Jun 8, 2018
    Uspstate NY
    A last ditch effort..

    I have a Genie Z30/20 HD (1994 or so build date) I use for my business. Last fall while driving it the drive functions completely stopped and we couldn't move it. Spent hours diagnosing it. We've changed just about every solenoid in it, new hydraulic pump , the list goes on and on. Shortly after it wouldn't move, the boom functions would still work, so we used it where it sat. After about two weeks, the boom functions go slow from the basket but ok from the ground. Shortly there after, ground controls also go slow. Winter came, we covered it up and waited until spring.

    Fast forward to this spring, we determined it was the proportional valve and replaced it ($900 bucks later). Ground controls work normal again, but still will not drive, and will not operate at normal speed from the boom. Ground controls good since changing the proportional. I've paid an absorbanent amount of money to three different lift companies and no one can fix it. Genie manual is awful, the wiring diagram awful. Genie tech support has told me they can't follow the diagram it's so bad. I've literally dumped thousands into this lift and have nothing to show for it. As a begging, last ditch effort, does anyone have any crazy ideas? It has 8 new batteries, all have been tested, new solenoids, new pump, new power cables, new connectors, etc. I just bought a speed pot for it and joist stick as another last ditch effort. Wired the pot exactly as the original (minus white wire) and it goes up in flames. Call Genie madder than hell and they tell me there is an updated diagram for conversion, buy another $450 pot and Genie's diagram doesn't make any sense - wants me to send one of the proportional wires to straight ground, when I do that, ground controls go slow again and basket still doesn't work. I'm at a total loss. i would greatly appreciate any help or thoughts someone might have.