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Deere 270 stuck arm


Well-Known Member
Jan 27, 2011
ontario Canada
I have a Deere 270LC the arm locks up, when I go to bring the arm in the main hydraulic valve is not letting the oil from the other side of the cylinder return to the tank, If I go and back off the relief valve from arm out side then the arm will come in, If I want to move the arm out then I have to back off the relief valve from the arm in and oil will flow back to tank and let the arm move out. Checked for a broken or stuck spool and found no problems. Machine was brought to me like this and was worked on before so I know little history of what was done, very rarely ( usually when cold ) will the arm move in and out normally. Anyone run across this before?


Senior Member
Mar 15, 2009
Ex land clearing contractor, part-time retired
Have you checked the load sence spools? There could be damaged O rings in there causing the main spool to hydraulic lock. Just a guess.