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Bell B40C Engine Injector Removal


Senior Member
Apr 27, 2008
Civil Superintendent
Has anyone had any experience with Mercedes OM442 engines and removing their injectors? We have a leaking injector seal and our mechanic does not have the tool to remove the lock nut holding it into the head. I'll be damned if I can find a tool or any related articles on the removal of them. The engine parts manual doesn't show a special tool but it looks like that is what we need.... Right now we are trying to cut down a 7/8" socket to fit the lock nut splines. Maybe we can make something work here...

Any guidance on this would be immensely appreciated because right now I'm so frustrated with it that I'm just about ready to just send this truck to an auction

Truck SN: BAT3958-98
Engine SN: 442-901-504-09-095805

Here is the injector:

All I have found is this style socket on McMaster Carr's website. It looks like the socket wall would be too thick to fit:McMAster.PNG