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  1. turfblazer

    Where are all the yanmar people?

    i have a b-50 yanmar open bought used for about 15 plus years now. been a good machine just starting to get a little loose now. 5100 hrs. newer tracks, hyd thumb,dozer blade. im a good greaser ! gonna sell it only after maybe sooner ??? i really want a vio 45 or 50 with cab , i want a/c and...
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  3. turfblazer

    Good portable garages?

    we'll tent isn't up for sale right now , useing it to store my dry top soil. will sell when i retire fully !!! here;s a new website mine tomsmulchsoilsupply.com
  4. turfblazer

    royal bean pump sprayer water deicer

    next 4 pics. this unit pumped deicer fluid not water !!! deicer is very slippery .
  5. turfblazer

    royal bean pump sprayer water deicer

    this huge pump is coming out of a la-1000 aircraft deicer ground service support truck. bean royal pump it was driven by a ford 4 cylinder industrial gas motor. it has perfectly clean oil in it and does rotate as it should when clutch is engaged . vehicle had 900 hrs on working tach , which...
  6. turfblazer

    late 80's schmidtt airport brooms for sale ( 2) brother and sister

    last 4 put on some big tires these would make 1 hell of a mud buggy,
  7. turfblazer

    late 80's schmidtt airport brooms for sale ( 2) brother and sister

    hopefully my pics show up 12 new pics
  8. turfblazer

    jrb style 416 series john deere coupler hydraulic cylinder

    broke down last year and pulled the cylinder completely apart. took the 2 rods to a buddys machine shop. 2 new rods $ 50 problem fixed, didn't even replace the seals !
  9. turfblazer

    tc54h jerky turning

    i do use the equivalent napa oil of the deere oil does anyone know where this priority valve is located ?
  10. turfblazer

    hr5111 jacobsen large area mower

    bringing this up again with a email correction t1mower is deleted turfblazer@gmail.com is correct one. thank you
  11. turfblazer

    Yanmar b50 service manual

    this sucker will move some big rock
  12. turfblazer

    late 80's schmidtt airport brooms for sale ( 2) brother and sister

    bringing to top again. really need these gone. no way i want too torch these up. theres too many possibilities out there. they both run and drive !!!!
  13. turfblazer

    Yanmar b50 service manual

    i have only ever done build up welds on my shanks. ive never had good luck with teeth staying on with previous backhoes probably with all the stumps and concrete ive dug out seems like welding has served me well. ive dug so much rock and **** with this only one same 18" bucket i wore holes in...
  14. turfblazer

    Yanmar b50 service manual

    yes filter in the tank. nothing under the turret housing that i ever seen.