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    Deere 333E with brush cutter terrible noise when stopping mower

    Reversing the cutter is the same as opening and closing the control in different directions as you do to open and close your grapple. I assume on a high flow machine you would hook it up to different hydraulic ports but my cutter and grapple hook up to the same connectors. The rotating thumb...
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    Deere 333E with brush cutter terrible noise when stopping mower

    My brush cutter (Brush Monster) make a loud noise when I stop the cutter. It always has. I assume it is the bypass valve opening and closing as the momentum of the cutter turns the motor into a pump.
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    Mini Ex uses????

    Pressure treated posts come in two varieties: rated for ground contact and not rated for ground contact. Properly treated posts will last in ground. Utility poles last 40 years or more. Around here, pole barns are built with treated posts set into the ground. Properly done, good post s...
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    Mini Ex uses????

    I removed the bucket and had the pole chained to the bucket mount bracket. Since they were 40+ ft poles, I strapped a bag of cement to the bottom to balance it. I did not --drive-- the poles in, the ground is too hard here for a mini to do that but set them into augered holes.
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    Mini Ex uses????

    Unconventional? I am a ham radio operator and use my Kx-121 to tilt over my 54' antenna tower. I have also used it for setting utility poles in the ground for the antennas. Most of it's use is building 4 wheeler and horse trails on the steep hillsides of the farm here. I also do some...
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    Looking at buying a Kubota U35

    Sorry to tell you, but if you use it much in the woods, you will probably scratch paint on more than the bucket! If you got the tilt and angle blade, I am envious. I just have the angle blade and it is absolutely great but tilt would make it even better! How much does the U35 weigh...
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    Fuel Additives

    BTW, the BEST lubricity additive is Bio-diesel according to that thread on Diesel Place. Bio-diesel has it's negatives, especially if stored for a while but it does improve the lubricity of ULSD. In one of their industry journals, Deere noted a 5% reduction in mileage and a 10% reduction in...
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    Fuel Additives

    Brian, My JD skid steer is a 2009 (post ULSD) and JD recommends an additive for lubricity. I used to just put a lubricity additive in the older equipment but after noticing that, i am reconsidering. I think the older equipment definitely needs lubricity additives since that equipment was...
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    Fuel Additives

    There is a well researched thread on lubricity additives at http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/76-speciality-forums/64-maintenance-fluids/177728-lubricity-additive-study-results.html My JD 325 manual clearly recommends a lubricity additive if you are using ULSD.
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    Advice??? Best bobcat skidsteer for homeowner and hunt land

    Definitely over-the-tire metal tracks for what you want to do.
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    Skid Steer Tires - what kind should I buy

    Be careful about the compressor "max pressure" ratings. The one I have advertises 140 PSI max. pressure. HOWEVER, the sensor to start the electric motor will not trip until the pressure is down to 90 PSI. I have tires that require 105 PSI and the only way to get that out of the compressor...
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    What Do You Think of A Kubota KX121-3?

    I have had mine for 6-7 years now and I have been very happy with it. I have just over 400 hours on it, farm use, mainly digging hillside trails. It's been reliable. I do not have a problem with the controls or the size but then it's the only mini that I have used. Mine does not have the...
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    753 G Bobcat starts and shuts of in cold weather.

    I don't know if it's the same issue but my Deere 325 is horrible starting in cold weather, runs very rough for 15 seconds and I get warning beeps and a "low oil pressure" message for a second or two. It's been that way since it was new. I've asked here if it's normal but didn't get any...
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    JD 325 cold starting issues - low oil pressure

    Ever since I bought the Deere 325, in cold weather (20-30F), it has started rough and puts out a few brief beeps then smoothes down and warms up. One time I thought I saw a brief "low oil pressure" message on the display but it was gone too quick to be sure. Well the other day I started it...
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    JD 332 code for joystick not centered

    My 325 has done that a couple of times and just moving it around a few times cured it. Maybe some dirt or something was holding it a bit off-center?