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  1. Hobbytime

    My southern neighbours

    In a perfect world that thought might work out, but not now...from what ive seen happen in this country in the last 50 years is disgusting...and its in snowball effect..the change from patriotic Americans to a split nation..1 side loves America and the other side wants to see it ripped apart..so...
  2. Hobbytime

    2oz mouse takes down 9 ton dozer D4K2

    LOL....I had bars of irish spring that the mice ate most of, they like the fat that the soap is made of....that was about 10 years ago, maybe they changed the formula by now... the reason mice like eating the insulation off wire now is its made with a plant based soy....like alot of plastics are...
  3. Hobbytime

    2oz mouse takes down 9 ton dozer D4K2

    2 words will solve future problems.." moth balls"....the old fashioned type..just a few placed in the tight spots of equipment will keep all those chewing critters away....I had mice problems till putting them in equipment, ride on mowers etc, they are cheap and work great, the moth balls...
  4. Hobbytime

    Harbor Freight is running out of stock locally

    I needed a starter for my ford 555 a few years back and looked for a " made in USA" starter for any price...it did NOT exist..even the rebuilders use china parts..so I had to buy a made in china starter..so far it works fine, the original starter to my surprise was made in england and lasted...
  5. Hobbytime

    Help: what kind of corrosion/chemical is this???

    what was the machine used for by the last owner? many things are corrosive and its best to find out what caused it so you dont use something to clean or neutralize the rust that could cause a chemical reaction and give off a poison gas..just as precaution....the safest way to neutralize acid is...
  6. Hobbytime

    Virus Shutdown

    heres new yorks list of essential workers.... (WIVB) – On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he will sign an executive order mandating that all employees except for essential services stay home. The state is defining essential services as the following: For purposes of Executive Order 202.6...
  7. Hobbytime

    How to stop tools from rusting

    just get a spray bottle and fill with clean #2 oil and every once in a while spray them down, you can wipe them off or just let the oil sit on them...whats good about that is all your channel locks or adjustable stuff will move freely..and its cheap to use #2
  8. Hobbytime

    Sharing my experience with a rotten engine builder.

    ok ill send you a box of tissues so you can cry your eyes out...
  9. Hobbytime

    Sharing my experience with a rotten engine builder.

    buy cheap ..get cheap....I rebuilt several gas engines for myself and even 20 or 30 years ago the cheap engine rebuilders were just that cheap and a crap shoot if it would last and for how long....about a year ago a friend bought a cheap rebuild for a jeep and had a mechanic install it and to...
  10. Hobbytime

    More dealer support complaints .....its getting to epidemic propertions

    I would say its a systemic problem through every industry...they cant get good employees and are stuck with getting bodies to fill empty spots...just like bringing your truck or car to the dealer for service..its hit or miss who works on it and if they even have the training or knowledge to even...
  11. Hobbytime


    talk about killing a fly with a sledge hammer..LOL...the dozer blade is just TOOOOOO heavy for that..I have used my D-58 for moving large frozen solid piles of snow into the field when I run out of room from pushing snow with a tractor and bucket on frozen solid ground...otherwise I have some...
  12. Hobbytime

    Mechanic, Central NY, for Ford Backhoe

    utica is about 40 minutes north of me...the biggest PITA is transporting equipment to get repaired if you dont have your own truck and trailer...I know clinton will come get equipment( im sure with a charge) but they do nice work...
  13. Hobbytime

    D8k sprocket segments

    interesting thought, and if you did only cut it in 3rds, that would be plenty to change out and not have to pull a track...I wonder if the segments are cast with extra material to beef them up since a 1 piece would have more integral strength...
  14. Hobbytime

    Mechanic, Central NY, for Ford Backhoe

    im between oneonta and cooperstown..town of new lisbon..
  15. Hobbytime

    Grading with a front end loader

    and if you have any rocks to get rid of , a york rake on back of a tractor works well....