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    Pulling an 8,500 pound Sany 35u with Silverado 1500

    If buying from a dealer he may deliver it as part of the deal if you are not super far away. AT least you can start your work at home with no additional investment.
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    Good luck reselling one - I will stick with Kubota, Deere, Cat, Etc...
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    Mini excavator brush grinder

    It is the Rut manufacturing "Brush Mower" https://rutmfg.com/shop/excavator-attachments/excavator-brush-mower/
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    Mini excavator brush grinder

    I can cut 2-3" without a lot of issues. Mine is not a grinder just a rotary type mower so that makes a difference in the size.
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    Mini excavator brush grinder

    I have their Brush mower which is close in weight. Works great. I mostly use it over the blade but sometimes off to the side if I want to move around a lot. I have a Kubota 91 - about 7000lbs. I dont have a ton of flow so I cant move everything at the same time but you learn how to work...
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    Building a custom excavator

    That sounds horrible, sorry to hear this, what happened?
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    Rut mfg brush cutters

    Look forward to hearing the solution (saw the other thread). I put in an order today on a mower so I will be having to figure out how to set one up myself. Good luck
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    Rut mfg brush cutters

    Anyone else get a RUT and what do you think of it?
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    Steel plates for job site with the mini

    If you are only crossing 2' of trench very little weight will be on the plate as ½ your track will be on one side or the other. For roads you need a 12" overlap with a 1" thick plate on a 35mph road and under. That means it can carry something like a tractor trailer. ¾ for 9500lbs of weight...
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    Making Profits Mini Excavator.

    Around here I noticed people are charging $40 an Hr for mini Ex work. For that, I wont even start mine let alone haul it somewhere....
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    RUT Mulcher for mini/midi excavator

    Also interested
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    Seriously looking for a new +/- 6000 lb size mini excavator - which is best?

    I ended up with a Kubota and am very happy with the decision. We have several pieces of Kubota eqpt. and it has all been very reliable. A big thing is making sure you have a decent dealer if you need something in a hurry. All are good machines so I am sure you will be happy with any of...
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    Insurance for mini excavator

    I have an inland marine policy through my home owners - maybe something you can look into.
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    Mini to haul in dump trailer

    If you have a Kubota dealer around I would look at the KX 91 or 121. I personally own a 91 and it has been great! They seem to last and hold up well.
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    Electric winch on Cat 305C CR?

    After a few full pulls your battery (or second battery) will be dead - they pull a LOT of amps for their tiny size. They also have very short duty cycles so you don't want to pull for 10 minutes straight or you will burn them up. They are not good for logging nor made for it. Go hydraulic if...