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Hi Marshall, I appreciate the "Like"! I also appreciate all you guys who take time to help others figure out issues that confound us with these awesome but complicated machines.

Many thanks!
Try starting a thread on the subject in the Track Loaders section. Read the Rules & Posting Guidelines on the top of the main page.
Getting closer to getting my jlg 40f boom lift to work. Thanks for everyones help.Still have a couple switches that just don't want to work.
Post this up on the dozer thread on the main board and someone with some experience with these machines might be able to help.
The speed control is a lever that controls the speed for the HST transmission. There is a resistant attached that feeds back to the controller. These have to be adjusted to specification I don't understand the settings in the service manual. I have contacted komatsu service I am waiting for there reply. If I can figure out how to send you the page in the service manual I would.
I am having an issue when I go over half the speed control it stops moving. It will start moving again after going back to neutral.
John C.
John C.
I think you are going to have to be a little more clear on your description of what is going on. What is the speed control? Is it a lever or dial that controls the engine? Or does it control the transmission?
Hello John I have a Komatsu D66S1 need some help on understanding the potentiometer adjustment numbers in the service manual. It states to get the reference voltage divide by 2=2.498. Output voltage for the speed control lever neutral position. 5Vdd+/-.03 (reference)stroke end .747Vdd +.09 -.03. What should my total voltage be for each?
John C.
John C.
I haven't had the pleasure of working on one of those machines so I'm at a loss for what you are troubleshooting. I'm guessing that you are talking about a "speed control lever neutral position." That doesn't tell me if it is a throttle control or a transmission control. I'm going to guess they are saying if the high end of the stroke shows .747 then the neutral position should be 0.37.
Does anyone know how to change the control pattern on a 2000 JCB JS200L excavator. I can't find any way except to switch hoses ?
I was wondering where did you add the diesel to the engine oil, thru the valve cover or into the dipstick...and how long did you let the mixture sit? In doing this did you leave the oil drain plug off?