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What System for Mapping Residential Projects?

Discussion in 'GPS Systems' started by Pippinger, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Pippinger

    Pippinger New Member

    Mar 11, 2020
    Harrisburg, AR
    Hello All, We are a landscape design build company. We currently use lasers to map out our pool and hardscape projects. We need topo measurements when doing renders. What system would would be good for attaching to a wheel or something similar to get elevations quickly? Sometimes it takes alot of time measuring with a laser and grade rod. My knowledge on the GPS systems are very slim. Any input would be great
  2. CM1995

    CM1995 Super Moderator

    Jan 21, 2007
    Running what I brung and taking what I win
    Welcome to the Forums Pippinger! Sorry for the delayed welcome.

    To the best of my knowledge you would need a base station and rover which runs $15k-20K to do what you want to do.

    There may be other options out there and if they are I'd like to know as well.
  3. MDS41

    MDS41 Member

    Jan 1, 2020

    I am just getting into the gps stuff myself so i don't know alot about it yet but if you are not looking to use grade controls i believe that the Topcon Hiper SR base and rover will do what you are looking for @lumberjack is selling on on here. You may want to try talking with them to see if it will do what you are trying to accomplish. The only thing is if you are looking to use machine controls then that system doesn't have an internal radio to work with them grade control system.
  4. redneckracin

    redneckracin Senior Member

    May 20, 2010
    Civil Engineer
    Make sure you get a base station to tighten up the elevations. We have a topcon hiper (I think that's what it is) handheld with a receiver mounted on a rod and it does pretty well northing and easting if it has good reception. You can just about forget the elevations for anything other than a relative idea of where you are. I didn't but it but I think it was between 7k and 9k. The base station would be a must imo.
  5. lumberjack

    lumberjack Senior Member

    Dec 25, 2011
    Columbus, MS
    Thanks for the tag @MDS41 .

    From @Pippinger ’s description the HiPer SR system that I’m selling would be a bang up fit. I bought it for doing some topo work on my own property. MDS is correct that the SR won’t work for machine control, which is it’s main downside. The advantage is my lightly used system is for sale for $10500 vs ~$27-28k for a base/rover HiPer V setup.

    I bought the system from Earl Dudley in your neck of the woods @CM1995 .