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W210i Issues/Questions

Discussion in 'Mills' started by NumberThree, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. NumberThree

    NumberThree New Member

    Jun 15, 2017
    Milling Operator
    I run one of my company's big mills and have a few things I want to know if anyone else is having. We have an older 2100, 220, and 210i. I run the 210i 80% of the time. I started off on the 2100. The 210i I run currently has broken the outter steering "knuckles" 3 times now. The 220 and 2100 both have different knuckle setups. (The piece I'm talking about comes from next to the bottom conveyor out to the outside of the column to steer.) The 2100 and 220 both have a knuckle that looks like this: ]----
    And we've never had an issue.
    However the 210i has a setup like this: o----
    That basically sits on the top of the column with a shaft that goes thru and has clips on either side.
    These have broke multiple times and we end up rewelding them. The last time we turned up the heat pretty damn high and it's held for over a month now. Knocking on wood. Has anyone else had any issues with this design? I think it's kind of **** poor compared to the design of the other ones.

    Secondly, we are having software issues that while milling, the machine starts to bog while cutting, and once I notice it, I hit the menu button and all the options don't show up. It also has been turning the GLR (load control) on by itself. We had it down to 10/100 and it was giving us bad surging issues while milling. Turning it off works great. But, today running about 80ft/min with one engine cutting 1.6" on one side and .1" on the other (taking out rumble strips) it randomly started bogging. Recently shutting the machine off and restarting it "fixes" this issue. Today, it did not. I couldn't run over 65ft/min without bogging. I turned both engines on, and it helped a little. Then we turn the GLR on and adjusted it down to 5/100 and it seemed to take care of the issue. Anyone have any experience with this?