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Volvo l120E engine not starting

Discussion in 'Test Forum' started by O.Aburumman, Jan 14, 2023.

  1. O.Aburumman

    O.Aburumman Member

    Oct 16, 2020
    14F2B4C8-ACA5-4233-8E37-2D9552DAAB7E.jpeg 31D6E9BB-067F-4FE9-898A-2E92A25AF5DF.jpeg Hello everyone

    I have long story and i hope find a problem here .

    I am now working on a volvo wheel loader l120e, according to the vehicle’s record. The vehicle was stopping for oil maintenance and was left for five days without work. When the driver wanted to start it, he found that the batteries had died. The driver decided to do a battery jump with another vehicle. The loader did not start and became There is a short circuit in the e-ecu. We took the e-ecu to the electronics repair shop and it repaired what was required. There was a defect in the injection circuit. We installed the e-ecu on the loader, but engine still not starting . When I used the Techtool, there is a Code

    MID128 SID1 FMI11
    MID128 SID2 FMI11
    MID128 SID3 FMI11
    MID128 SID4 FMI11
    MID128 SID5 FMI11
    MID128 SID 6 FMI11

    Knowing that I checked all the power lines on the loader and checked the CAN lines and everything was correct, I installed the e-ecu on a loader of the same model and the engine was not working.

    I checked the e-ecu on the table. I gave it power and ground and connected the CAN H and CAN LOW lines. The techtool gave me code on all the sensors that they are not connected This is normal because I did not connect the sensors such as camshaft sensor, crank sensor, acc pedal …

    But the strange thing is that techtool gives me a code that the injector unit is unidentifiable and that its code is now inactive

    What can I do now ?!

    If I reprogramming the e-ecu using the flash file can the problem be solved ?

    14F2B4C8-ACA5-4233-8E37-2D9552DAAB7E.jpeg 31D6E9BB-067F-4FE9-898A-2E92A25AF5DF.jpeg
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