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VOLVO EC35 PUMA problem


New Member
Mar 17, 2023
Hello everybody.

I bought a VOLVO EC35 and the issues with PUMA control unit have already started.

I would just like to state that the engine and the whole excavator is running perfectly, I checked all the sensors, and they should be working. Also the preheating is not connected to the PUMA anymore, you have to hold a button to preheat the engine.

When I turn on the excavator the water and hydraulic oil temperature lights are flashing. I found somewhere that they should stop after the water and hydraulic oil warms up, but they don’t stop flashing.

A bigger problem is that after some time of running the PUMA shows a fault CHECK FC 2.03 and the machine oil pressure light is on. I checked the pressure and it is constant. I checked the sensor and I am pretty sure it is working because the voltage is constant.

An even bigger problem is that PUMA occasionally loses power and the lights on the hour display go crazy but the engine is still running. But the hydraulic goes out so the excavator isn’t functional unless I turn off and on the excavator, then the PUMA works again. Also the hour meter goes back to the hours before I turned on the excavator.

Another problem is that he rpm counter is not showing nothing.

I would appreciate any help I could get.


Senior Member
Jan 23, 2012
Lincoln UK
Good day Park and welcom
I can help with some information but it is a little heavy to post here, PM me your Emal and I will post it.
Puma is not really Volvo it belongs to Pel-Job.
Kind regards