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Vermeer V3550A trencher problems

Discussion in 'Other Compact Equipment' started by bmc2006, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. bmc2006

    bmc2006 New Member

    Nov 28, 2016
    Charlotte, NC
    Hi all. I'm new to the forum. I've been looking for some help in relation to a trencher I own, and after reading a lot of post on this site it seems everyone is very knowledgeable so I'm hoping to get some help.

    Long story short, I bought a older Vermeer V3550A ride on trencher a few years ago for some work around our property, as well as to use for jobs as needed (very rarely). I got a good deal on the machine, and it only needed some minor repairs and TLC. It had been sitting for a few years and had vines growing around it, but cleaned it off and started right up with a fresh battery. I got it home, cleaned it up, serviced it, and changed a few hoses and it was ready to work. Machine has less than 1500 HRS on it and overall in really good shape, with the exception of some surface rust and faded paint.

    It had a slight issue with the gas pedal (single pedal which controls both), but was usable as is so I didn't bother with it. Over time it has gotten worse and no has come to the point of needing to be resolved. The machine has a neutral indicator switch with a light, which has to be lit to start. Usually, I just have to tap on the pedal forward/reverse some and the light will usually come right on. But last time I could not get the light to come on, so I had to bypass the switch (unplugged, bypassed with small wire between circuits) to get it to start. The forward and reverse on the pedal have always been touchy and sometimes delayed. I have checked all of the linkages and nothing seems to be looser than expected or wallowed out.

    At this point, I figured the switch was not the issue. The reverse works good for the most part with the exception of still being touchy, but the forward is what I'm having issues with now. I'll have to push the petal forward and back 2-3 times before the machine will finally start moving forward. When in motion, the machine drives fine until it is stopped.

    Any help or advise is greatly appreciated!
  2. br1474

    br1474 Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2010
    If the linkage is tight and your seeing the linkage going to the pump moving, But nothing is happening then I would think there is an internal pump issue.