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Steve Frazier

Staff member
Oct 30, 2003
LaGrangeville, N.Y.
I mange the property maintenance department of a nearby municipality and I had received a call that a chain link fence gate needed attention. I was a double gate 8 feet high and each section 8 feet wide for machines to pass through to access a baseball field. I have never in my lifetime seen such a poor example of welding!!

All of the welds were severely cracked and one cross tube had actually fallen off. There was next to no penetration and wire was just gobbed into the joint. I don't know if these gates were built on site or in the shop but either way they were unacceptable! The install was done during a period I was laid off.

I had the gates brought back to my shop so I could work on them during spare time and under good conditions. I was able to knock out most of the poor welds with a chisel and then cleaned the remainder with the grinder. The notches appear to have been cut with a torch and weren't very close tolerance. I had to do a lot of filling to make a good joint. See photos below:

This is one of the joints, there were a total of 12 joints between the two gates and this was one still intact.

Gate weld 1.jpg

Gate Weld 2.jpg

This is one of the gobs of welding wire I knocked out with the chisel

Weld gob 2.jpg

Weld gob 1.jpg


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2012
Central New York, USA
Retired Mechanic in Stone Quarry
You sure that was weld and not something out of a birds rear end?

I would be embarrassed to show pictures of my attempts at welding but at least it would look good compared to that pile of bird droppings!