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Topcon hiper pro

Discussion in 'GPS Systems' started by Cummins5.9, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Cummins5.9

    Cummins5.9 Member

    Oct 29, 2018
    Downs il
    hey I’m looking at buy A Hiper Pro base and rover and was instrested to see if you guys thought it was to old to use?

    And since it’s rtk gps and glonass will it work with the newer machine control?
  2. 805DirtDog

    805DirtDog New Member

    Jul 21, 2019
    Central Coast, CA
    Should. I wouldn't want anything older than a fc500 data collector though. I use the hyper V and fc500 combo and love it.
  3. SurveyorGPS2019

    SurveyorGPS2019 New Member

    Nov 17, 2019
    I've used only the Topcon GR-5 with the FC-5000 data collector. I've also used the Trimble SPS986 and SPS985; both 450 MHz and 900mhz systems. I've used thier newer TSC7 controller via SiteWorks software.

    Out of both systems, I get more production done with Topcon than Trimble. If your looking to do more without requiring having a laptop on hand all the time, use Topcon.

    Trimble highly demands you have thier Trimble Business Center app along with a license for it to work for you. I get so fustrated with Trimble, that sometimes I just want to throw it on the ground and stomp on it. I've even designed some software that I plan to sell that increases productivity using thier new SiteWorks program. I've trained new users to use thier software and they agree that my third party app helps increase production and reduce mistakes you make while staking out a thousand points a day or more.

    Trimble does not crash as often as Topcon, but I'd take Topcon any day over Trimble. You can just do more with Topcon than you can with Trimble.

    I'm just a Lead Surveyor for a large construction company. I don't get a choice on what we use each project, but I do let them know we can increase productivity with Topcon vs Trimble, especially while doing multiple stake out points per day for the drills. They tell me the pile hammers they use determine what GPS system we use for each solar project.

    I program software on the side as a hobby. I use Delphi 10.2.3 as if right now for programming in Android and Windows. As soon as I get my program more user friendly, works without fault, etc. I'll research to see if I can sell it legally first, then post it everywhere. It doesn't "hack" or reverse engineer any code of the application SiteWorks, so I'm almost sure I can probably sell it. It does increase production by at least 50%. Topcon can do it already and doesn't need my fix.

    I plan to create a software application A.I.(artificial intelligence) for Trimble SiteWorks so that it auto stake out the next point you go to as your waking to the next point without you pressing anything on the data collector. I don't understand why both Topcon or Trimble software can not do this yet. I'll make software for both of them. That'll be later down the road.

    Overall, Topcon is a better choice in my book any day, even if its software crashes every hour. It can out perform Trimble on every aspect, especially production.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your main question as I've not used Hiper Pro before. I just wanted to say all these things.
  4. nerdstick_joe

    nerdstick_joe New Member

    Nov 7, 2019
    Sacramento, CA
    After April 2019 (when the GPS rollover happened), Topcon put a lot of older units in the "Legacy" catagory or completely phased them out of support. The Hiper Pros are under the phased out category. Topcon will no longer support it with parts or software/firmware updates. An important factor I've found in using GNSS base/rover is the level of support I can get from Topcon and the dealer. If they can't support it, then I'm out of luck when things start going out. I'd recommend looking at Hiper V's or even the GR5s. They're the previous gen models Topcon made, and you could typically find good deals on ebay OR ask a dealer for any deals on used/previously rented equipment. The Hiper VR, SR, and HR are the newest models of GNSS base/rovers. Unless you can find a setup for dirt cheap (think around $15k or less), and you're ok using until they break, I'd save your money for something that will last longer, is up to date on firmware, and has parts available for service.