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to the john deere loader owners on reliability and be honest !!!!!!!


Well-Known Member
Dec 20, 2015
niagara falls ny
semi retired drainage ,site work , eq operator.
i,ve put a lot of hours in g machines and in h machines and i really like the h machines better with the digital dash and ride control. computers scare me !!!
gotta say havent had much problems with either,
but im sure i dont have nearly as much hours as you guys got !!!
i really don't want to go backwards into the g's and the real question is what about going forward into the j's ????. stay with the h's or move a head to the j's .
mostly light dirt work summer and need dependable work pushing snow winter. 544 and 644 sizes i like.


Well-Known Member
Mar 3, 2014
new hampshire
I have a 2011 John deere 244j, compact wheel loader, 2100 hours, no real issues,(we just use for snow removal) your looking at a larger machine, so I'm sure I'm no help to you!