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Tire age regarding dot

Discussion in 'General Industry Questions' started by tuney443, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. tireman

    tireman Senior Member

    Apr 19, 2011
    First of all, keep in mind I have not seen these tires so I can't give a definite on them. What I can tell you is that if they were indoors out of the sun there should be no issue. I would buy them if I could see them and was satisfied they've been indoors all this time. If you can't put hands on them, at least get photos showing close - ups of the serial #'s and size #'s(so you know you're seeing the right tire). It is very easy to distinguish whether a tire has been in the sun or not.If they look armor-alled RUN AWAY. Considering you're talking a savings of over 50%,I would try them. Worst case a couple fall short, you can put new on the outside and run the iffy ones on the inside(hidden from prying eyes) and you're still money ahead. Personally I wouldn't be a bit scared of them if they met the aforementioned criteria, especially at the cut price. Meanwhile, I'd be looking into a different trailer, or at least modifying the axles on this one to switch to heavier duty tire size. If you get pics, post them or PM them to me(your choice) and I'll give you my opinion of them.