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Template/guideline for heavy equipment brakes system chekor diagnosis

Discussion in 'Other Earthmoving Equipment' started by alonzo, Jan 16, 2020 at 6:34 PM.

  1. alonzo

    alonzo Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2013
    Hi All!
    Happy New year!
    Does anyone have a standard template or guideline for heavy equipment brake systems checking or diagnosis (773G/F, 777D; HD785-7 plus 992K,graders, and dozers)?
    I thought about the list below but it can be more accurate, because type machines are different on some aspects. So there will be check boxes for good/ bad/ N/A answers to each items.
    · I. What is the nature of the brake concerned?
    • Retarder?
    • Service brake?
    • Emergency brake?
    • Parking brake?​
    · II. What was the working condition of the brakes during the takeover?
    • Well?
    • Bad?​
    · III. Were there any alerts at the dashboard level at the time t of the operator's report?
    • General indicator?
    • Audible alarm?
    • Brake light (pressure and / or temperature?)
    • Fault codes?​
    · III. After maintenance intervention following declaration of brake failure:
    • Was there a converter test stalled to validate the brake?
    • Was there an ET or VHMS report to download the fault codes:
    - Recorded?
    -What analysis of active or recorded potential fault codes should be retained and archived?​

    If you any suggestions to improve and complete this list please let me know.