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starting my own business, buying and selling equipment

Discussion in 'In the Office' started by RE33603, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. RE33603

    RE33603 New Member

    Mar 7, 2018
    El Paso, Tx
    New to this forum, so I will introduce myself. I have been working for a heavy equipment seller for the last 8 years. My primary job was a purchasing agent, so I was in charge of buying all the parts we needed to fix machines. Secondary job was buying equipment outside of the auctions. Dealers, brokers, construction companies etc. Lastly, i was in charge of all international freight, anything that left the country or came in from another country that isn't in North America. So I do have lots of experience other then sales, I did not do much of that.

    8 Years have gone by, and the way the company is set up, I do not see a big future for me there anymore. Its a family owned business so all the kids are taking the major roles with myself left in the middle. Which is fine, but I know I need to move on. Here's the catch, I am a Canadian but moved with my family to Mexico when I was a teenager. I am not your typical latino, in that I am of Canadian and Russian decent but I was born in Mexico. Anyways, my plan would be to open a Canadian entity, but work out of Mexico and Texas. I would not have a permanent yard in the United States, but would rather focus on wholesale deals, and if I needed to move a piece of equipment, I would work with various contacts I have in the United States. There is a more to this whole deal, but this is the basics of it. I would like to hear any ones thoughts on my plans.

    Given that there is lots of fraud in the heavy equipment reselling industry, I do have lots of contacts in the business, CAT dealers, brokers, freight forwarders, auction companies that could vouch for me on my credibility, and what it is like to deal with me. Do you think I would be taken seriously given that I would be a Canadian company out of Tx and Mexico or does that scream " I am shady, don't send me money!" ?

    If I had a machine you really needed, and I would give you reputable contacts that would tell you "Yes I have dealt with him, and I have never had issues" would you buy from me?

    Those of you who have dealt with brokers in the past, what is your thoughts on them? What kind of experiences do you have?

    How is the market for heavy equipment in your area right now, and how do you see the future with equipment sales?

    Like I mentioned earlier, there is so much more to this then I am explaing but I am curious if anyone has any feedback regarding my plans. Thanks for reading
  2. gruntscoreboard

    gruntscoreboard Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2014
    As far as I can see, Its easier to sell or reach your potential customers in terms of buying and selling of equipment because of the internet. You just have to know the right online marketing strategies.