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Starting issues with a Genie S-40


May 20, 2023
Newtown, Pa
Farm mechanic
I recently bought a 1999 Genie S-40/4wd, serial 3268 with the Ford gas/lp engine that has two starting issues. It also fuel injected(something- Coleman can’t read all of label)
First when you go to start it and push the toggle it only cranks a very short amount of time then stops. This was a problem for the previous owner and he had a push button installed that is hooked to the starter. So to start it now you push the button and hold the toggle so it will spin the motor long enough for it to catch. To me it acts like the relay for the starter is not being held in- still investigating why as ignition module and relay bank were replaced by previous owner.
Second problem when the motor does start it immediately revs to a very high idle and shuts off. I’ve already had the alternator checked and modified by a friend’s shop who actually helped genie develop this and made them for genie. Also checked the wiring all the way back to control box to confirm tach signal is getting back to ignition module and is appropriate voltage range. I have also gone around and fixed any corroded connections that I found in the wiring. Had the throttle actuator off and cleaned so there was no binding of the throttle plate.oil and water levels are good. Connectors at sensors seem ok still have check those wires for continuity back to ecm.
Intermittently it will start and stay running but at a very high speed, when this happens I try to switch it from turtle to rabbit speed and back again it doesn’t change anything.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.