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Solideal OTT Rubber Tracks- Experience


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Oct 23, 2008
Middle Tenn.
Amateur demolition & dirt pusher
On the unit that I started this thread on, you can see very noticeable sidewall scuffing on the tires from the tracks. Don't know how much damage it is causing, but certainly present.

And I can foresee that a rock getting wedged in the right spot could cause all manner of havoc.

Orchard Ex

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Jul 6, 2005
Southern MD
My first impressions of the camoplast Solideal tracks. I had to modify my LS-170 some to get a good fit. It has a "fender" that runs over the tires and originally had a 45* drop along its length. I had to remove this to get enough clearance for the tracks. Zip disc in a 7" grinder went pretty fast and to look at the machine now you would never notice it's gone. I also had an aftermarket counterweight rack that I had to cut down and re weld. It originally would hold 3 weights per side, now it holds 2. No big deal since the 170 is only rated for 2 per side anyway. Other than that the install went smoothly. Solideal included a ratchet strap and decent instructions. My wife drove the machine for me and the first side took about 30 mins because of figuring out the right combination of links to get the proper fit. The second side took about 15 mins.

I used the machine to top up an artificial beach that one of my customers has. We now have about 16" of masons sand on it so it is very soft. The machine moved around on it pretty well. Flotation and traction are greatly improved over the bare tires. Without the tracks I'd still be back there trying to get the machine out of the sand. Moving around on a lawn is much better too. You will still scrape the grass off of the soil, but you aren't digging ruts in the lawn nearly as bad. It's still not an ASV/Terex but it will let me get onto areas that I couldn't before.


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Mar 15, 2012
Love mine this machine will go further into swamp land than my Gator now

first track install wasn't that easy. made me think what prison rape must feel like other side took about 10 minutes


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