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Skyjack lift misery, help?

Discussion in 'Other Construction/Demolition Equipment' started by cooljjay, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. cooljjay

    cooljjay Member

    Dec 7, 2018
    Salisbury, Mo
    Hey guys, I am lost!

    Haven't gotten a chance to use the life because of all the freaking rain...but I've been starting it and letting it run....never had an issue...

    Last time I started it was maybe a month ago....

    I go out to start it now and no power to the controller, nothing......I can hit the engine start button of the base and it will crank but not fire...I've checked all the switches...

    Took a test like to all the wires coming into the control and not one lite....I ran a jumper wire from the batter to pin 7 which I believe is the main wire into the key switch...everything popped to life, started and ran until I removed power from it....

    Schematics aren't helping me one bit! It shows a switch/relay/contact/plug but there is nothing to help me locate where such item should be...let alone a voltage such wire should have.....I'm just lost and there is like zero groups/support for these things...