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s130 bobcat acs fault code 32-65

Discussion in 'Mini Skid Steers' started by wayne weisflock, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. wayne weisflock

    wayne weisflock New Member

    Apr 14, 2020
    trent lakes ontario canada
    I have 2005 S130 started off with different code last year now 32-65 and everything I tried checked all wires unplugged sensors and checked getting 5.1V at all sensors and two actuator plugs as well . today machine won't start check fuel shut off solenoid (which I replaced in Jan). That has failed again waiting on new one . But I don't know if I should order the acs controller ?? I took a picture of it P/N 6682422. Anyone know what else I should be looking for? I checked all fuses machine has only 1800 hours on it. turn key on 3 beeps the acs light on and the code
  2. tool_king

    tool_king Senior Member

    Mar 29, 2010
    road mechanic owner
    new jersey
    This going with out serial number

    32-65 ACS Sensor Supply Voltage Out Of Range
    Note - 32-65
    A Code 32-65 occurs when the ACS Controller detects that the 5 Volt Sensor Supply is higher then 5.25 volts or lower then 4.75 volts. The ACS Controller is continuously monitoring the 5.0 volt supply to the handles, pedals, and actuators. If a Code 32-65 is present the lift and tilt functions will be disabled. This code may also generate a Code 40-04 “Right Joystick Switches In Error”.
    Solution - 32-65
    Note: Note: Key switch / (run/enter) must be Off when connectors are disconnected or connected.

    Step Action Yes No
    1 Check the voltage on sensor supply wire 1500. Is there 5.0 volts (± 0.25)? No problem found. Perform wiggle test. Go to Step 2.
    2 Unplug one sensor at a time Tilt Handle, Tilt Pedal, Lift Handle, Lift Pedal, Tilt Actuator, and Lift Actuator while measuring voltage on sensor supply wire 1500. Does the voltage return to normal? Repair or replace the affected component. Go to Step 3.
    3 Perform wiggle test on sensor supply wire 1500 for continuity to ground. Does wire 1500 have continuity to ground? Repair or replace ACS harness. Replace ACS Controller.