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Replacing old Mill

Discussion in 'Mills' started by Gwargo, May 25, 2013.

  1. Gwargo

    Gwargo Member

    May 15, 2012
    Currently we have a 1900dc she's a lil tired but still works great.
    Also 1200f also tired but its a 1 man show and she is fast.
    and also our 2 old 1000's they need to be laid to rest.
    We are looking into a new mill mainly to replace our 1000's. Obviously speed/power is a factor nothing more annoying then track slip and bog down.
    We do alot of municipality work (i.e. 2" road cuts lots of milling next to concrete curb and gutter and also milling from curb to curb.
    I am a huge fan of Mills on tracks i cant stand mills on wheels especially where we are located (lots of pitrun).
    Now my question is what mill would you recommend and why?
    Yes Milling-Drum I am waiting on your reply
  2. Kramer4262

    Kramer4262 New Member

    May 28, 2013
    Hey I would be interested in all of the units you are thinking of replacing; Call me at 214-468-3707 or Email me at ddickerson@ustfcorp.com
  3. cold_plane_fool

    cold_plane_fool Member

    Sep 8, 2013
    just over there
    Lame excuse or not, I haven't been able to get milling drum ID to log in. Im a bit touched mentally the wrong way. Well ya I loves me the city work curb to curb is the bomb. Being that I'm a halflane hokey the game has always been to minimize the amount of trimming that the little mill does. I know so many ways of getting it to where if we are all on the same page the timmers cut joints and that's it. slide around manholes, pickup and crab back a little to hack that 4 ft piece that is usually the major argument of why this and that....crabbing manholes out in the center if you skin either side of em, second time you get to it the mouldboard should bust the triangle blah blah blah......Theres a whole whack of these little utility style mills coming out lately, Marini, Bomag, Bartmill still around. most of them will get ya that width and depth. Gwargo why are they so hung up on wheels up there? I remember Warren Bithulithic bought 3 or 4 halflane CMI mills back in the 80s, heard they all got flipped over. 1900dc is what I learned how to use the back to steer with cuz them front tracks wont steer....Miller Group in Georgia....

    Replacing the 1000 means you might like to see what the operators want, if you buy something they don't like the bitching an moaning might push you into getting the old mill out and leaving them on it...