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Question for AC work out in the field


New Member
Feb 3, 2017
Moscow, ID
Ag Field tech here. Trying to figure out a cost effective solution that also meets all the regulations to a issue. So I carry a RECOVERY only machine in the truck, discharge a system into the recovery bottle. Now what do I do with the R134a? From everything I've read for mobile AC systems the refrigerant must be recycled before it can be used again. I know there are exceptions for stationary systems and if your doing the work for your self. Can I use a shop Recovery/recycle station to recover out of the bottle? How to make sure that the r134 is then "clean" so I an feel good about putting it back into another customers machine? I know there are companies that recycle but there is none in the region and I imagine the cost of shipping, and having enough bottles would get pretty high to send it out.
Anybody got a good solution?