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preparing a quote for line boring / machining after 20 years out of the game !

Dat kennels

Aug 28, 2021
Norwich Norfolk Broads
Crostwick Kennels
Hi Guys , been a time served ( American equivalent JourneyMan??? ) Machinist / Welder 20 years ago , took pride in my work never took shortcuts never struggled to find employment then along came opportunity to takeover one of the largest boarding kennels in the Norfolk UK area. Machinist / Welder was my trade dogs are my passion!!!
Along came COVID-19 in March 2020 and everything came to grinding stop. Five staff furloughed kennels without no income what so ever booking being cancel at 50 plus per week so not good to say the least
Kennels slowly coming back to life but need a new income stream in the mean time
Could you guys give me some idea of the going rates in America as we are not poaching on your farm!!
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