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Possible Trailer Refurbishment

Discussion in 'Trailers' started by Metalman 55, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Metalman 55

    Metalman 55 Senior Member

    Feb 7, 2013
    At our company we are relatively new to the trucking industry, never owning a highboy before & purchased this one reasonable a year ago to "get our feet wet" & make some of our own deliveries where we previously hired it out. Anyhow we just did our annual safety on the unit & it is actually quite a good trailer in our opinion.

    When doing the safety we sandblasted the rims, hubs & brake drums & gave them a fresh coat of paint, along with the required repairs.

    The frame is quite good on this old trailer & I am toying with the idea of removing the old deck, blasting, priming & repainting the trailer, which if we do, we should get many years of service out of this trailer.

    My question is......when removing this deck, what is the best way to remove the old boards & fasteners? There is a lot of those self tapping screws holding the old deck down. Has anyone done this in a productive way?

    This trailer has the old style hubs & they are not so popular anymore, but I think we can live with them ok. We will only put about 8,000 miles on this trailer annually.

    Would the vote be to run it as is or clean it up & re-deck it? I am leaning towards doing it right seeing the frame is good but have second thoughts about sinking too much money into it. Lots of salt on the roads up here, so if we do no preventative maintenance on it, we will have nothing left in a few years.

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  2. Junkyard

    Junkyard Senior Member

    Jun 5, 2016
    Field Mechanic
    Claremore, OK
    Usually the screws will break off at the head when you try to back them off. That's fine. Get them all out or broke then pop all the boards out with a prybar or whatever. Grind or cut the screws off flush with cross member. Then you have two choices, pop the old ones out or leave em and drill the new holes for the boards. If you reuse holes and the screws in it are the smaller size they make a screw one size bigger to fill that hole. Get good impact rated torx bits to run the new ones in. Also, get several of the correct size drill bits for the screws as that size is crucial, they're taping their own threads as they go in. You can do apitong or a nice mill cut hardwood. Either one is a biotch to nail in!

  3. crane operator

    crane operator Senior Member

    Mar 27, 2009
    sw missouri
    I wouldn't bother changing the dayton's, you're still 22.5 rubber. The deck, for me, would only be replaced if the boards were rotten and breaking. I wouldn't pull off good boards. It's a lot of labor to pull it apart to redeck. I see aluminum trailers by me, for under $10,000 like yours, so I wouldn't want to put too much into a old steel trailer.

    Having said that- I did just finish painting my drop deck- it doesn't look quite as nice as your rebuild on yours metalman 55- but I don't like to see something rust away either. But a drop deck is in a whole different category cost wise compared to a flatbed.

    I'm in kind of a trucking area, so flatbed trailers may be cheaper by me than they are in your area.
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