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Parting out Cat D6 9U dozer.

Discussion in 'Dozers' started by Jerre Heyer, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    Snow removal equipment sales and service, Special
    Erie, PA
    I'm Parting out a Cat D6, 9U series. I'm after crank and bearings. has a 90% pony motor, I also have another complete pony motor, Great fuel tank and seat. big parts or small speak up if you need anything. Hate to put it in the box and send it all to the recycler.

    Jerre 814-881-4093
  2. Nige

    Nige Senior Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    Have you posted this info on the ACMOC web site..? https://www.acmoc.org/
    The folks on there are the people who might be most interested in a machine of that vintage.