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NTRIP or Radio transmission for GNSS machinery and Surveying


New Member
Jan 20, 2023
Surveying Engineer
Hi to everyone
I am a surveyor who wants to implement the Trimble control system in our CAT machines. I have been working with Trimble Surveying equipment for a long time and I broadcast corrections by radio via the Internet. Our local Trimble equipment distributor for CAT machines does not recommend or even consider trying to test Trimble base SPS986 to transmit NTRIP corrections via VRS or IBSS over cellular network.
I would then use the same network for my Trimble surveying equipment. Otherwise, using two different GNSS bases its's a waste of time, added work and knowing we're talking about the same brand sounds very unprofessional to me.
If anyone in this forum has experience or knowledge regarding what I mentioned above, it would be welcome to tell if there is something that prevents the system from functioning as such. Maybe I have the information wrong and I am unfairly frustrating this distributor.