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New Tractel / Grip Hoist come along. 8000 lb pull capacity. Made in France


Jun 27, 2009
Asking $ 1,550 or best offer
Retails for over $3,000
Made in France

I can ship to anywhere in the lower 48 states. I am in Wisconsin.

Tractel Tirfor Grip Hoist Model # TU-28

Comes with Tirfor Galvanized 60 feet 7/16" wire rope.
Lifting capacity : 4000 lbs
Pulling capacity: 8000 lbs
Man-riding capacity: 3000lbs
Wire Rope minimum break stregth: 20,000 lbs

This is the best come-along on the market. Used by Fire & Rescue and other professionals.

Brand new. Never used. Bought it to move my machine tools (lathes, milling machines, radial drill etc..) Never did use it for that. Wire rope was never uncoiled.

Manufacturer site below with more info on the tool

Sold by below vendor also.


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