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New to site Onan DGAB 20 K

Discussion in 'Generators/Gensets' started by Riverfurm, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Riverfurm

    Riverfurm New Member

    Sep 21, 2019
    Washington Crossing, Pa. Along the Delaware River
    Great site been reading many post under the Onan Generator. I live in an area that floods often and the electricity gets shut off so I need backup power. First generator was an old Wisconsin two cylinder gas powered genset. Worked good but was 110v only. The other issue was it was gas. I had to have enough gas on hand to run the generator since if i left to get gas they would not let me back. So what fuel do I have on hand? Home heating oil (off road diesel) Bought a Chinese one cylinder 6K diesel genset. Work well until I overloaded it and popped the AVR. Replaced it until the next time I overloaded years later due to an air compressor I forgot to turn off. Replaced the AVR still no electricity. Did some test and the rotor was bad. Replaced the whole alternator assembly. Still no electricity. Screw this I am going to put in a whole house generator and do it right! Auto transfer switch under ground wiring and a relay to shut the air compressor off. So I bought a recondition Onan 20K DGAB 1993 K930525648 Spec 50794F 4 cyl water cooled genset with a little over 1000 hours on it with a sixty gallon fuel tank. I don't need the fuel tank. So I removed it and still have it. It has a two wire remote start that did not work due to a blown fuse on the engine control board. Replaced the fuse and now I have crank and start only on a warm engine due to no glow plug activation. So back to the manual. It does have a board with a relay on it that controls pre heat ,delay start and delay off. But after taking the board out and taking a close look the relay does nothing not connect to anything. That's weird? So back to the manual and what I need is a 300-2898 board that has all the options on it including preheat. Found some on the internet but everyone was out of stock. So I made one out of a Hella SPDT delay relay. I set how long of a delay before start and turn the glow plugs on first for 10 seconds. I have bench tested it but have not installed it yet. So far I have the pad poured and all the conduit ran underground from the pad to the house. Bought an auto transfer Onan 200 amp switch. I have an electrician who did genset installs helping me. I hope this genset was a good choice and I have it up and running before the cold weather sets on. Like I stated before great site and I have learned something already by reading old posts Thanks Oana Gen ID Tag.jpg Onan Gen.jpg s-l1600.jpg