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New commercial model truck mag coming!

Discussion in 'Models and Miniatures' started by ap40rocktruck, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. ap40rocktruck

    ap40rocktruck Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2011
    Owner / Master Model Maker
    upstate new york
    All of my fellow truck model builders and enthusiasts PLEASE READ!
    My good friend of nearly 40 years, Mark Savage is ready to go to print with Issue #1 of his magazine "SCALE MODEL REPORT".
    And here is a brief outline of the magazine:

    -North American equipment
    -All content is Mark's and will not be seen elsewhere
    -No ads (except for inside front cover for Mark's own products)
    -No contest coverage
    -No kit reviews
    -Average of 28 pages
    -4 issues per year for $60 year
    -1:1 prototypes included
    -recurring features covering technical matters, historical information,
    philosophy, and personal anecdotes from 40-plus years in the field

    For the less than the price of a single high end truck model kit, you can tap into Mark's vast reservoir of knowledge!

    About Mark:
    -This is not just a hobby for Mark. It is his life.
    - Featured on TV by age 13
    -Winning national competitions by age 14
    -40-plus years of passionate, intense, relentless research
    -Tens of thousands of detail photos
    -Several hundred models completed
    -Did hard-core/hands-on research on hundreds of pieces of equipment
    -Researched over 40 new subjects specifically for this magazine
    -Professional model-making skills, professional photography skills. and published technical writing experience (Do the math!)

    Mark needs our help NOW to keep this project alive!

    Don't just take my word....see what others are saying about Mark.

    1. From Hemmings Motor News:
    "If you followed the world of scale automotive models back in the 1970s and 1980s, you probably encountered the work of Mark Savage at some point. Savage was a massively gifted scratchbuilder who specialized in modeling enormous oilfield trucks, as seen in western Canada and the Middle East, really monstrous stuff, with hand-built parts. Indisputably, Savage introduced the modeling community to these off-road beasts, before briefly publishing Commercial Truck Modeler magazine in the late 1980s".

    2.from Toy Trucker & Contractor Magazine
    "Mark Savage made an appearance on Saturday. If you don't know who Mark is, the best way I describe him is as a Rembrandt in custom truck building. I would consider him more of an artist than a model builder."

    3. from the Executive VP of a major Oil and Gas museum:
    "You did an extraordinary job on that well servicing unit. Based on that sample, your work may well be the best I've ever seen."

    4. From a major oilfield equipment manufacturer:
    "We marvel at your expertise and have to wonder, as we look at your work, how you have the skill and patience to accomplish what you've done! We are delighted to know that craftsmen of your kind are still alive and well in our great United States."

    5. from a video production company:
    "Mark is truly a gifted craftsman of national recognition and following. His work stands out beyond others not only because of his skills, but also because of the extra effort to exacting detail he puts into each project."

    6. from an ebay description of a set of of all four copies Mark Savage's first magazine back in the 80s:
    "Rare! Back issues of this great truck magazine by the legendary Mark Savage!"


    Thank You,
    Richard Mark (ap40rocktruck) 17218690_637030629837537_8301050029725621219_o.jpg
  2. PJ Shafer

    PJ Shafer New Member

    Nov 29, 2021
    Is this magazine currently (still) available?