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MTL Attachments- not a good experience...

Discussion in 'Compact Equipment Attachments' started by Bayrat, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Day Radebaugh

    Day Radebaugh Member

    Dec 5, 2021
    El Dorado, KS
    Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up ordering a new RBV72-HF33-O. I rented the IRC 72, and it was a beast, but I think a bit heavy for my CAT 246D3. After a lot of discussion with my CAT dealer and Virnig themselves, they bid a nice price on the V50, and I went for it. The strategy to rent and try one out paid off, and I must say Virnig and my CAT dealer were great to deal with. Each time I called Virnig sales, they were great, and spent a lot of time discussing my application objectively. Virnig is not cheap, but service and support is worth something. My conclusion is that you get what you pay for here. It will arrive in May, which should leave me with a good summertime activity of pasture clearing.
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  2. Louis Mace

    Louis Mace New Member

    Jan 22, 2022
    Forestry, land maintenance
    My MTL Attachments experience...

    Bought and paid $8500 for an XC8 rotary cutter
    Waited 9 weeks because they didn't have any in stock. (see below #4 later on)
    Was told it would be shipped on a custom pallet when ready.
    Received my cutter via a big-name shipper and it was laying on the floor in the nose of the trailer with no way to move it. It was 2007 lbs and no "custom pallet" was to be found.
    Once it was drug to the tail of the trailer I noticed:
    1. the case drain line was torn off the motor
    2. the motor cover was bent like it had been hit
    3. the blades, which supposedly were plasma cut, had deep gouges in them like the plasma cutter hit a 1/4" bump in its track every 3"
    4. the serial number plate said it was produced in May of 2021
    5. One of the main hydro hoses had a gouge in it near the motor fitting, presumably from the case drain line being torn off
    6. the metal "MTL" logo on the motor cover was bent up
    7. I was told when I purchased the unit that the hydro motor would be a 200; I received a 175. (Incidentally, a 175 is not even listed in the owner's manual as an available size nor did we discuss a 175.)

    My main concern was the torn case drain line and the motor size. If the unit had been flow tested after production, I think there should have been some hydraulic fluid in the line as well as spilled onto the deck when the line was torn off. Both were completely dry. No sign of fluid anywhere.
    As for the motor, I requested the higher torque 200 due to the type of cutting I do; a 175 was never discussed.
    I called the guy I had spoken to when I made the inquiry and subsequent order. He said to send it back and he even contacted the shipper for me. He said he would bill it back to the shipper as freight-damaged and I could get another one in "early spring". I thought all was ok.
    I called this week to get an update and to ask a question and the guy started out fairly testy with me as though I was a bother.
    The conversation quickly went downhill with him accusing me of costing him $600 in return shipping and him telling me I was one of the type of people in the world that he hated. See above...he said he was going to bill it back to the shipper so I'm not sure where he got the price of $600 that I cost him.
    The conversation continued to go badly on his part; as I still wanted to buy an XC8, but it got so bad I started to change my mind. It went downhill further to the point of him telling me all I was looking for was an "art piece to sit back in my chair and admire" and that he had sold 12,000 of these and none had come back. Yes, he said 12,000. I hardly doubt he has sold 12k when it took him 9 weeks to get me just one...
    He continued to abuse me verbally and I let him go on just to see how far he would go. I was in a good mood, and I sure surprised myself in how calmly I treated him; as he had no reason to get that angry.
    Finally, he refused to sell me one and refunded my money because we needed "to part ways".

    For anyone considering a purchase from MTL, I would caution you against it. My story is just another addition to the posts above. If price is all that drives you, then spend your money anywhere you wish. If working with sellers who respect you and value your business is important to you, I would recommend you take MTL off your list. At this point, I wouldn't run their equipment if it was given to me.

    Again, this was my experience; yours may be different.
  3. James Sorochan

    James Sorochan Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2020
    x-water & sewer construction Now farmer.
    Lethbridge county, Alberta, Canada
    It would seem to me the man has lost his mind. Don't potty him, he has sown for this.