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More DMV Fun

Discussion in 'Trucks' started by Birken Vogt, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Birken Vogt

    Birken Vogt Charter Member

    Nov 30, 2003
    Grass Valley, Ca
    I thought I would try to entertain you all with my DMV story.

    Called my family doctor. They no longer do DMV physicals because the regulations and requirements are too bureaucratic. I heard rumblings of this last time I got one there. Got an appointment with an urgent care which was actually affordable and convenient, thankfully.

    Got my clean physical. DMV appointment the next day. Dr. calls back saying he forgot to check some boxes. Go back and get the corrected copy. Got in there, almost got the medical in except--yesterday a memo came out that the forms could not be defaced in any way and the doctor's office had slapped some label on for their internal tracking. I had copies so the label was part of the copy and not actually on there. They gave me a new appointment later in the morning.

    I asked to take the hazmat test since I was due, to kill time until the next appointment. Nope the computer won't let you take it without the medical. Back to the doctor I go. Get the updated card. Hollered at the receptionist in the nick of time who was about to slap a label on some other poor sucker's form.

    Back to the DMV. Much further scrutiny of my medical which is just pages and pages of the "no" box being checked. Finally paid and took the test.

    Passed but not easily. That hazmat is full of garbage that any mere mortal would look up in a book to do his job.

    I will say that the local DMV employees are nice and helpful if you are nice to them. It is a small town. Not too crowded and a computer appointment makes it even faster. But you better have your ducks in a row when you go in there. It appears their supervisors are really scrutinizing everything they do. Plus the public is nasty and rude to them so they get it from both sides.

    But the thing about the label is just pure bureaucracy as is the thing about the test. If you are going to change things on your customer you can't do it in a day. You need to put out a memo to the doctors offices and give a few months for them to comply.

  2. Truck Shop

    Truck Shop Senior Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    star gazer
    SE Washington St
    I'm lucky in that department, because the company I work for has a doc on retainer and he comes to our office and gives the physicals. I just take the
    medical card to DMV and they send the info on to the state. I only have a cdl for test drives these day's.

    Truck Shop
  3. bigbob

    bigbob Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2007
    it is already hard to find drivers, probably because of all this nonsense! When the grocery store shelves are bare maybe the politicians will take notice! And Willie, it does not matter what the truck and trailer weigh empty, it is based on the GVW of the truck or trailer!!!