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Looking for Power Curber 5700c

Discussion in 'Other Paving Equipment' started by ROCHSTAR, Sep 18, 2016.


    ROCHSTAR New Member

    Sep 18, 2016
    Good day new on here. 19 year old Commercial concrete placing and finishing company expanding into curbs.

    We already have a small extruder that does great and have one of the original Clubtek- leeboy machines.

    We have played in the curb world for a few years and now want to get serious. We have decided on the 5700C because of the chance to grow off the one machine. We have ruled out the smaller Phoenix and don't want to go with Gomanco due to having to have multiple machine if we want to grow it. So we are now looking for a 5700c and don't see a lot for sale used (this to me is a good thing).

    Any leads would be great to know of and we are also looking for Crew leader with experience for this division. Any help on this front would be great!!!